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Designing Synthetic Methods and Natural Products Synthesis

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 (2024) (2024)

Larry E. Overman
Designing Synthetic Methods and Natural Products Synthesis
(Lives in Chemistry – Lebenswerke in der Chemie)
252 pp, 213 fig., hardcover, in slipcase, 39.80 €
ISBN 978-3-86225-133-9
Autobiography of the Distinguished Professor of Chemistry at the University of California, Irvine, well known for the development of new chemical reactions, esp. the “Overman rearrangement”.


Table of contents

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1  Childhood and Education
1.1  Family and schooling
1.2  Undergraduate studies
1.3  Graduate studies
1.4  Postdoctoral studies

2  The 1970s: Early Discoveries
2.1  Initiating my research career and the discovery of the Overman rearrangement
2.2  Thermal rearrangements
2.3  Diels-Alder reactions and the total synthesis of pumiliotoxin C
2.4  Total synthesis of gephyrotoxin and the invention of the aza-Cope Mannich reaction
2.5  Catalytic allylic rearrangements
2.6  Teaching, mentoring, and life at UC Irvine in the 1970s
2.7  Early participation in scientific conferences

3  The 1980s and 90s: Heterocyclization Reactions
3.1  My growing involvement in natural products total synthesis
3.2  Iminium ion cyclizations of vinylsilanes and alkynes: synthesis of poison-frog alkaloids
3.3  Pinacol-terminated cationic cyclization reactions
3.4  Sabbatical in Hannover, Germany, 1985

4  The 1980s, 90s and 2000s: Pd-Catalyzed Reactions
4.1  Intramolecular Heck reactions
4.2  Catalytic enantioselective intramolecular Heck reactions
4.3  Catalytic enantioselective reactions of alkenes
4.4  1993 was a special year

5  The 1990s and 2000s: Alkaloid Total Synthesis
5.1  Tethered Biginelli reactions and guanidinium alkaloids
5.2  Sarain A
5.3  Epidithiodioxopiperazine (ETP) natural products and tricyclic analogs
5.4  Solvent Purification Systems

6  Fragment Coupling with Tertiary-Carbon Radicals
6.1  Investigations of tert-butyl analogs of macfarlandin E
6.2  Total synthesis of (–)-aplyviolene: fragment-coupling reactions of tertiary-carbon radicals

7  Professional Activities
7.1  Organic Reactions and Organic Syntheses
7.2  U.S. National Academy of Sciences
7.3  Industrial associations
7.4  Sabbaticals and visiting professorships

8  Coworkers, Friends, Hobbies, and My Family
8.1  Coworkers made it possible and enjoyable
8.2  Thoughts on building a research group and mentoring
8.3  David MacMillan, 2021 Chemistry Nobel Prize
8.4  My choice to remain at UC Irvine for my academic career
8.5  Family, friends, recreation and hobbies
8.6  Joanne and our family

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