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From Atmospheric Chemistry to Earth System Science

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Gregor Lax
From Atmospheric Chemistry to Earth System Science
Contributions to the recent history of the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry (Otto Hahn Institute), 1959–2000
174 pp, 15 fig., hardcover, 29,80 Euro
ISBN 978-3-86225-112-4
History of the Otto Hahn Institute since 1959 up to the establishment of biogeochemistry and studies of human influence on the Earth system and the “Anthropocene” as a new geological epoch.


Table of Contents

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1  Institutional change between tradition and innovation: The MPIC 1959–1968
  1.1  Initial situation at the end of the 1950s
  1.2  The “Appointments to the MPIC” Committee
  1.3  Crisis and “Future of the MPIC”
  1.4  Restructuring of the MPIC: Laying the foundation stone of an Earth System Science Institute
  1.5  Summary of the Establishment of Atmospheric Chemistry at the MPIC

2  The MPIC under the leadership of Christian Junge, 1968–1978
  2.1  The beginnings of the departments for Atmospheric Chemistry and Cosmochemistry
  2.2  The SFB 73 and the MPIC in the context of the consolidation of atmospheric sciences in the FRG

3  Atmospheric chemistry and Earth System research under the leadership of Paul J. Crutzen and Meinrat O. Andreae, 1980–2000
  3.1  “Geochemistry in the broadest sense”: Restructuring of the MPIC at the end of the 1970s
  3.2  From atmospheric chemistry to Earth System chemistry
  3.3  The CLAW hypothesis: Research on the basis of an “Earth System theory”
  3.4  From the examination of anthropogenic influences to the “Anthropocene”
     3.4.1  Influences of air traffic on the atmosphere
     3.4.2  NOx, CFCs and the discovery of the ozone hole
     3.4.3  Studies on the “Nuclear Winter”
     3.4.4  The Anthropocene and responsibility: Is geo-engineering a way out?

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Overview | TOC | Preface | Introduction | Links